We will be adding Videos over time showing you how your blinds are made in our workshop and the various processes involved in the production of your blinds. As
well as videos that we hope you will find interesting.

Safety Saw

We take safety very seriously, the cutting of profiles can be dangerous but with the investment in our safety saw our staff are fully protected. 

Curved Vertical Blinds

Beverley Blinds is specialised in the curving of vertical blinds, the process is carried out in our own workshop by our highly trained staff
 Electric Roller Blinds
Powered by rechargeable batteries and operated by remote control offering an ideal solution to the bi fold doors where operating chains simply would not work. 
Roller Blind Fabric Cutting
A short video showing the cutting process of roller blind fabric.
The fabric needs to be square and true to ensure that your roller blinds run straight and level.
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